Alex Mill


Alex Mill has been a 1st AD in London since 2013, working with companies like Warner Brothers, Disney, Paramount, Blink, Aardman, and Apple, on a variety of features and adverts. She’s directed several shorts, now making a career transition into full-time directing.

Jane Paul-Gets


Jane Paul-Gets has had a varied and adventurous life. As well as acting in Theatre, Film & TV, Jane was a founder member, deviser, and Treasurer of a touring theatre company. As a Drama teacher, she taught over 200 pupils a week for 9 years and as acting Dept. Head, organised the logistics, administration and creative input for the department. Jane is also a Firewalk Instructor and has facilitated walking on hot coals for creative groups, businesses, fundraisers and members of the public. Jane is inspired and excited to take all of that life experience and creativity not only into acting but now also into writing and producing stories that connect us, provoke discussion and move us forward.

Giles Lamb


Giles is a solo artist and professional music composer. As a diverse, talented musician with a love for various genres, he has spent nearly three decades professionally composing music while featuring his sounds in hundreds of commercials, television shows and documentaries. He has earned numerous notable awards over the years, including the Cannes Golden Lion, Music and Sound Award, Bessie Awards Gold and Children’s BAFTA. Whilst widely recognized for his talent as a creative composer and soundtrack creator, he has had the opportunity to work with some of the largest brands in the entertainment industry.