From the exciting new female-led team of Writer/Producer Jane Paul-Gets and Director/Producer Alex Mill comes a heart-filled story set in an identifiable near future world.

Cara and Martin are a middle-aged couple who have been trying for a family. Cara has suffered a number of miscarriages and the window for having the family they dreamt of is closing. At the eleventh-hour Cara finally carries to full-term but the birth is traumatic. Nevertheless, Cara and Martin appear to have the wonderful life with their child, their little star, they always wanted. 

Jump forward 8 years. We join the story with Cara, now in her 50s and her child, Fin, 8 years old. Cara has been experiencing recurring nightmares about the birth of Fin. Not only that but she believes she is seeing things as objects around her fade in and out of her vision. She is aware of but trying not to put too much significance on the change of mood in her husband and child, they seem melancholy around her. Fin is becoming more and more anxious about Cara’s dreams. Does Fin have the answer to what is happening?


In a world where aggression, violence and hatred seem to be at boiling point. Where fear of what the future holds preys on the minds of many. I sat down to write. And what came out of me was an intensely personal yet relevant to many tale of longing, loss and ultimately love.

The inspiration for this story came from my own personal experience of giving birth as an older woman and fears many women feel around birth. Older motherhood has hardly been touched on in film and yet more and more women are choosing to have children later in their lives. I felt it was important to build a concept around this. I was not in my teens, 20s or 30s when I gave birth; I was termed a “geriatric mother”! Not all mothers are facing the “empty nest” or becoming grandparents in their 40s and 50s. My son was very much planned. Both my husband and I yearned for a child. Ultimately, nothing prepared me for how much I would love my son when he was born. And it is the story of that magic, that deep love for another human being, that I wanted to tell. 


Stories that transcend conventional boundaries and set new standards for what’s possible have always been dear to my heart. The world of Star Child, where natural spiritual abilities surpass our technological potential is the playground where I’m planning to spend the rest of my career, advocating for advancing the human spirit through collaboration, rather than raising intelligent machines in competition.


Positive Story Productions is in the process of producing a series of short form female-led stories about motherhood and the mother/child relationship.  Set at various points in time, the anthology is able to push the boundaries of storytelling through storyline and visual style.